The best travel destinations during fall season

Are you planning on going on holiday this fall, but cannot decide where?
Here’s some inspiration for you:

Portugal and the Douro Valley
You can still enjoy a delightful warm sun throughout October, and if you take a boat trip down
the Douro River, you’ll be welcomed by beautiful pastoral views, completed by the grape heavy
vines turning golden. The Douro Valley is famous for its wine production, so if you are looking
for a relaxing holiday that revolves around wine tastings and great food, Portugal is the right
destination for you.

New York City, USA
You’ll always find something to do in New York, no matter the season, the Big Apple never sleeps.
Visiting during the fall season, you’ll avoid the sticky summer heat, and will have a chance to
see trees turning red in Central Park, Fort Tyron Park and Staten Island’s Greenbelt. Enjoy one
of the numerous guided tours the city has to offer, whether you’ll explore Brooklyn, learn about
food heritage in Harlem, or decide to go for a ghost themed tour in the Upper West Side. Also,
New York’s Open House Weekend is in October: it will give you a chance to see what”s behind some
of the city’s usually closed doors.

Tokyo and Honshu, Japan
This time of the year the country is painted with golden and fiery autumn hues. You’ll also find
less tourists around, and mild temperatures (16°C). In Tokyo, the garden of Rikugien does
nightime illumination during fall. Outside the city, you can see how autumn changes the natural
landscape of the Fuji Five Lake region, enlivening it with its colours. Visit Kyoto for a chance
to stroll beneath the crimson leaves of the maple trees at Tofuku-ji temple.

Valletta, Malta
In Malta you’ll enjoy a Mediterranean climate: temperatures are still very warm in November
(around 21°C), while the rest of Europe is already feeling the cold…
Valletta is a Unesco-listed city, with its baroque palaces, churches, and narrow lanes. To see
Valletta from a different perspective, sail across the Grand Harbour in a traditional open boat

Photo: Preeti Dalwani


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