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Best 5 Honeymoon Cities to Visit in 2020.

Best 5 Honeymoon Cities to Visit in 2020.

Wherever city or country you choose, be sure to document this capture every moment  with your loved one and meet one of our incredible local capturemyholiday professional photographers. Not only will you have beautiful photos as the perfect travel souvenir, but you’ll have a new local friend who can recommend the best spots around the city and make your trip even more special.

1, Paris, France

February  is interesting and  quietest month in Paris, when the tourist crowds have dwindled, the days grow shorter and the locals have long since returned from their summer vacations. This is your chance to truly immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Spend slow days enjoying the city without rushing from place to place to beat the queues, leaving plenty of time for more wine, cheese, and romantic strolls.

2, Bali, Indonesia

This small island has so much to offer, and your luxury home-away-from-home in the jungle awaits you. While it is wetter this time of year (so bring an umbrella!), the rain makes it the ideal time to go chasing waterfalls or experience the famous lush and vibrant green rice fields.

3, Dubai, UAE

Glitz and glamour await you in this opulent city, and it is truly the best destination on the planet if indulging in luxury is your top-priority. From fast-paced, cosmopolitan excitement to an unforgettable experience exploring the iconic sand dunes, every corner of Dubai becomes the perfect backdrop for a unique honeymoon photo shoot.

4,Tulum, Mexico

This bohemian town is our favourite pick for a romantic getaway in Mexico. You’ll find charming boutique hotels, inventive independent restaurants and plenty of beachfront palapas and hammocks to rest and unwind in.

5,Seville, Spain

If we didn’t know better, we’d think Spain has forgotten what winter is.  the city is still all sunshine, orange trees (there are 25,000 dottinge city!) and al fresco dining in shorts and dresses. Explore the royal Alcázar, admire the tiles at Plaza de España and gaze at the stunning Catedral de Sevilla… all before your afternoon siesta!

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