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The Louvre (Inside and Out!)

A must-stop for any new visitors, the Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum and a historic gem in the heart of the city (easily recognized as such thanks to its iconic glass pyramids out front). Even if you don’t go inside for Mona and the 38,000 other pieces of art and artefacts, the grounds of this 12th-century palace make for a majestic wander.

Christmas Markets

Every major neighbourhood in Paris sets up its own market, so no matter where you’re staying, you’ve likely got a Christmas wonderland (with its Swiss-style wood chalets or tents) within walking distance. Sweets, pastries and hand-crafted gift ideas abound (plus, it’s Paris, so you can legally walk around with your vin chaud—yes, it’s hot wine and it’s delicious). The epic Champs-Élysées market is now at the Louvre’s gorgeous Tuileries gardens for the first time, running Nov. 24 to Jan. 6. And another one of our favourites is the arts-and-crafts Christmas Market Notre-Dame in Paris’ 5th district (Dec. 14-23), which features ceramics, regional gastronomy, textiles and more from neighbourhood artisans.

 Indoor Skating at Grand Palais des Glaces

There are scads of other outdoor ice rinks peppered around Paris, but indoors, the ultimate destination is the massive Grand Palais des Glaces. It’s France’s largest skating rink and the light show that comes with means it might also be the most stunning.

 Outdoor Ice Skating at the Eiffel Tower

Naturally, Paris has a few ideas about how to upstage your local hockey arena. The first is the Eiffel Tower. That’s right, during Christmas the iron lady is decked out with special features like a Christmas Village and an ice rink for practising your Boomerang twirls. There’s an ice rink that’s at the tower’s base, and another at the Trocadéro (which affords that stunning view of the Eiffel Tower).

Two Bridges You’ve Gotta Meet

When you have a river snaking through the centre of a city, you better believe there are going to be some stunning bridges. In Paris’ expansion around the Seine, the city has built no less than 37 bridges to bring its banks together, and, lucky you, most of them are drop-dead gorgeous. Two of our favourites would be the Pont de Bir-Hakeim or Bir-Hakeim Bridge (a trifecta of car lanes, metro tracks and pedestrian walkways) and the fabulously ostentatious Pont Alexandre III (pictured below).

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